is a project site under the auspices of Vennip ICT services, a company specialized in small scale web solutions. We are not a hosting service. Sites under the domain (called projects) do have a level of involvement of our staff. This involvement usually is focussing on programming of interactive web solutions, which is one of our core competences.

Although the contents of projects at must be in compliance with rules of common decency, this contents is determined and managed by the webmaster of the site. Vennip Company and are not (and cannot be hold) responsible for the project contents. You should contact the webmaster for any inquiries regarding the project's contents.

If you do have a web challenge which you want to turn into reality, you may contact us to look into possible areas where we can help. Services to our project members at can be relatively cheap, in exchange for other trades, such as advertising revenues. Our services are not limited to projects at only. We also can offer enthusiastic help with setting up a web site under your own domain.